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Hello from the 4 Log Cabins! Here you will find the news you can use, especially when it comes to your money! And who couldn’t use some good news about money these days? Ok, let me get started on a small bit of optimism for you.

I happen to be writing this post on “Cyber Monday” – 11/28/2022. I just read a piece in USA Today by Mike Snider entitled, “$9.12 billion spent in a day: New Black Friday online spending record set in 2022.” Wow! That caught my attention!

According to the article, this was record spending, which is good news given all the doom and gloom about recessions, etc. If you would like to see that article, head over to https://www.usatoday.com/story/money/shopping/2022/11/26/black-friday-2022-online-sales-record/10780279002/and enjoy!